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Marty Nothstein is a legendary track cyclist from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who is regarded as the greatest track cyclist in US history. With over 35 US National Championships, three World Championships, four Pan Am Games Gold Medals, and an Olympic Silver and Gold Medal, Nothstein’s cycling achievements are an apt testament to his dedication, hard work & passion for the sport. He has also made notable contributions to the Lehigh County community as an athlete and conservationist, protecting over 500 acres of property from development and chairing the Lehigh County farmland preservation board.

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This site on Marty Nothstein is for anyone who wants to gain insight into the life of a legendary track cyclist who accomplished extraordinary feats during his career. It's also for those who want to explore the value of community cycling programs and how they can provide an excellent platform for developing world-class athletes. Additionally, readers can learn about Nothstein's commitment to Lehigh County and his efforts to protect wildlife habitat, farmland, and open space while serving as a leader in his community.


Marty Nothstein

marty nothstein

Allentown, PA Businessman & Professinal Cyclist

Marty Nothstein is a former professional track cyclist who is regarded as the greatest track cyclist in the history of the United States. He was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and raised in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. Nothstein won over 150 professional victories throughout his career, including an Olympic Gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.


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Nothstein began his cycling career through the Community Programs at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (formerly known as the Lehigh Valley Velodrome) and showed just how successful the developmental programs can be. He won over 35 US National Championships, four Pan Am Games Gold Medals, three World Championships, an Olympic Silver Medal, and an Olympic Gold medal at the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney, Australia. Nothstein’s unwavering commitment to Lehigh County is remarkable as he never relocated for training and proved that everything necessary for Olympic success was available in the Lehigh Valley.

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After Marty Nothstein’s retirement from professional cycling, he took on the professional role of executive director of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, where he succeeded in growing community and professional cycling programs and revenue. Moreover, Nothstein demonstrated his commitment to conservation by protecting over 500 acres of land from development and improving the habitat for wildlife. He also played a key role in protecting farmland in his community, as he chaired the Lehigh County farmland preservation board and helped to safeguard over 23,000 acres from development. Nothstein’s work as an executive, conservationist, and community leader reflects his unwavering dedication to the Lehigh Valley and its residents.


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Marty’s cycling blog provides a wealth of information on Marty Nothstein and his legacy, as well as valuable information regarding the sport of cycling. For those of you interested in becoming part of the cycling community or supporting its growth, check out the blog archive or follow Marty on social media. 


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